Morthur – Between the Existence And The End

First things first: “Between the Existence And The End” is just an amazing title. “Between the Existence And The End” means a lot, because every human being has ever considered what there is in the afterlife. Or better yet, if there is an afterlife. I know it is a subject that most people avoid, or try to avoid, but sooner or later it comes out. I guess it’s Metal’s duty to bring up all those, let’s say,  harsh subjects. But, of course, in a Metal way with tons of distortion, shrieking vocals, and dizzy drums.

Mothur have given “Between the Existence And The End” a hard cadence, near a to military. Guitar riffs show that the guitar can be a martial instrument with its precise and sharp riffing. Mothur are a band that mix influences from old school death/black metal bands with some modern ones. “Demonized” is a great example of that with its hypnotic guitar riffs and drums cadence. Vocals prefer to be as hollow as it can be following, sometimes, the guitars lines. All of that to give a more hypnotic atmosphere. Let’s take “Extremely Against the World” for instance. Fast and furious in the beginning to then, suddenly, slow down with an octaved guitar riff which gives a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This change of atmospheres goes till the end with a surprisingly guitar solo in order to recover all the calm and peaceful spirit of death itself. The outcome is just amazing. The experience is repeated in “Living Blasphemia,” but the calming and relaxing [?] guitar solo is in the middle. To Morthur, the end, I mean, death, is kind of a troubled experience. Morthur know what is expected to most of us in the end: more suffering and the eternal dark. As eternal as it can be, I must say. Harsh enough for you?

This is Morthur’s “Extremely Against the World. No singing along choruses, no concessions to any kind of sweetness, only harsh, hard and painful facets of life: the existence and the end. I don’t know which one is more painful. But Morthur’s “Extremely Against the World, for sure, wasn’t.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Immortals
  3. From Life To Death
  4. Mortal Desire
  5. Warlock Of The Underworld
  6. Demonized
  7. Extremely Against the World
  8. Living Blasphemia
  9. Alien Tomb [Hypnotic Stone Womb]

“Between the Existence And The End” was released on August 2nd via Sangue Frio Records.

You can order “Between the Existence And The End” here.

Watch the official video to “Demonized” here.