MORTISHEAD Wins Big And Will Take The Bloodstock New Blood Stage

mortishead 5

UK’s MORTISHEAD dominated the battle of the bands held by HOBGOBLIN to decide who would take the new blood stage at this year’s  Bloodstock. I held these fellows as favorites and they delivered. I knew they would come out on top.

The official statement from The Bloodstock Facebook is a s follows.


Bloodstock welcomes the following bands in the biggest band offering to date.

Savage Messiah open up the Mainstage, alongside HOBGOBLINNEWBLOOD STAGE additions, Mortishead, KryoCell, Forgotten Remains,Deified Official, Amethyst, Chaos Trigger, BloodYard, FROM EDEN TO EXILE, Hell’s Gazelles, Spirytus, Left For Red and Burden of the noose.

And finally the JAGERMEISTER STAGE welcomes Foul Body Autopsy,The Mighty Wraith, Witch Tripper, Divine Solace, Circle Spectre Haunting,Bigfoot, Killer Hurts and Endeavour.

A record 125 bands in 4 days – with 92 (or 73.6%) having never played Bloodstock before!

Tickets for BLOODSTOCK 2015 are available via the 24hr ticketline at 0871 230 5584 or at…/blood…/catton-park/809956, priced at the very reasonable £135 (plus booking fee) for a 4-day Thursday thru Sunday weekend ticket with camping. VIP packages and upgrades are also available, plus pre-booked car parking pitches at a cheaper rate than ‘on the day’. Camper van pitches are now all SOLD OUT!

These guys are super cool to talk to and bring it in the music! They take the stage Friday August the 7th and don’t expect mercy. Bellow is a link to the song Blood Dive which they are offering as a free download in the youtube link description.