Mother of Graves – In Somber Dreams Review

I don’t know if the intent of Mother of Graves while recording “In Somber Dreams” was it to be an epic album with a foot on gothic features. But the thing is, intended or not, they got it. The textures in “In Somber Dreams” tell much more than meets the eye. Despite the naive instrumentals in some parts of the album lies a complex and daring musicality. My dear child of the night will notice that we’re not talking about the best musicians in this whole sad and lonely and pathetic little planet, but the way they deal things here is just amazing. The sound of the simple notes played in some songs contrast with the complex musicality their music sweats from all pores. I’d say that “In Somber Dreams” can be compared to an album that I like so much and has the exact same feeling the band achieved to play much more than they were capable producing a gem to be lapidated. I have talked about this album a lot here and it is Desolation Angels debut the self-tittled “Desolation Angels.” With an acute musical feeling of what feels right to build up a song Mother of Graves were able to produce an album which goes beyond the simple.

“In Somber Dreams” is an EP with only four tracks. As quantity never means quality, what gives the album its cool mood is the lost art of musical arrangement that added layers of interwoven notes and some effects to embellish the final product. The album starts with the melodic tittle track “In Somber Dreams” whose darkness and sadness reach the gothic space. The existing contrasts beneath vocals and instrumentals are the thing that call the eye immeadiately. The simple superposition of guitar notes gave the song an ethereal meaning while a gothic chanting went around. This is the art Mother of Graves were able here. This ability of turning simple solutions into some grand effects. “Nameless Burial” starts with so simple guitar lines that the fan might think it’s only an intro, but then the track goes on adding effects and bass lines in order to create the atmosphere the band wished. The outcoming effect is grand as all the album. The main guitar line in the beginning of “The Urn” invites my dear child of the night to a subtle atmosphere that suddenly shakes into an earthquake of harsh vocals and guitars. The band showcases how to deal with the ups and downs moments in a song. pay close attention to the background arrangements.

“In Somber Dreams” is the kind of album that the more simple it goes the better it gets. One of my nominations.

Mother of Graves “In Somber Dreams” will be released on April 28th via Wiseblood Records.

Track Listing:

  1. In Somber Dreams
  2. Nameless Burial
  3. The Urn
  4. Deliverance

Watch “In Somber Dreams” official lyric video here: