MÖTLEY CRÜE And DEF LEPPARD Could Face Over $100 Million Loss If Their Tour Gets Cancelled

Motley Crue Def Leppard Tour

MÖTLEY CRÜEDEF LEPPARDPOISON and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS is on the verge of getting cancelled which could possibly mean huge loss for the bands, especially headliners.

Even thought that Tommy Lee recently said “Everything’s still a go,” but due to ongoing coronavirus outbreak this could change very soon.

As Metal Stop and Metal Wani reports, the tour is expected to gross several millions per each show, which to Metal Wani‘s calculation should be $110-120 million for the entire tour.

Metal-themed publication Sleaze Roxx recently reported that “the tour is almost 100% cancelled.”

“As far as the Mötley thing goes, my source has just gotten off the phone with his contact and the tour is almost 100% cancelled,” source said. Rehearsals at an unknown location in LA were supposed to happen in May. Those have been cancelled.

“Given the band’s age and to quote the contact’s words “declining ability”, it may not even get rescheduled. Vince [Neil] had already lost in excess of 20 lbs.

Sleaze Roxx has also been advised that Mötley Crüe intend to embark on a tour as soon as the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Virus pandemic is under control and/or resolved.