MÖTLEY CRÜE’S NIKKI SIXX On Being a CRÜE’S Member: ‘Everybody Thinks You’re An Animal’

The process of aging sometimes give good news to some people. It’s the time when you may have a a perspective of your entire life and wonder what you did good and what you did bad. Mötley Crüe’s bassist Niki Sixx seems to reavaluating some concepts he had when he was younger. Here’s an interview to Rolling Stone where he tells about the worst thing of being in Mötlley Crüe.

Sixx said:

“Everybody thinks you’re an animal. Sometimes when I’m working on stuff, I have conversations with people and they’re, like, ‘Yeah, dude. You’re in Mötlley Crüe.’

“That doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’m up for the conversation. I’m very liberal. I’m the definition of the f**king snowflake for Republicans.”

You filled the book [Mötlley Crüe memoir ‘The Dirt’] with jaw-dropping groupie stories. What have you learned about women?

“I stand 100 percent behind the #MeToo movement. I think we’re in a very great time for equality and we’ve got room to grow.

“Even though we were f**king animals and the s**t that we did was f**king crazy and the s**t the girls did to us was crazy, there was never a moment ever that anybody in the band took that as an opportunity to wield power. I’m not saying we were angels, but it was all consensual.”

You’ve described your daughter as a feminist. What has she taught you about yourself?

“One of the greatest moments happened when we were talking about a friend of mine who’s gay. He’s my friend. I don’t care. But I said something like, ‘You know my friend, Justin? He’s gay and his boyfriend is going to come over for Thanksgiving.’

“She said, ‘If he was straight, would you say, ‘My friend Justin, who’s straight’?’ I was, like, no. Then I was, like, ‘Wow, that’s really interesting.’

“Then she broke down gender identification with me with a hand-drawn map. I was really grateful for that. It’s fascinating. I love it.”

You were pronounced dead of a heroin overdose in 1987. What did dying teach you?

“That it hurts to come back. My heart stopped. My body stopped. It’s like you turned the computer off and they restart the computer. It felt like I’d been f**king hit by a truck. Every single thing hurt. My hair hurt. That reboot is a bitch.”

Did dying give you a new perspective on things?

“I got a lot of great one-liners now like, ‘Jesus Christ and I both died and came back.’ That doesn’t sit well in the Bible belt. But you’ve got to laugh.”