MOTÖRHEAD Fan’s LEMMY Tattoo Wins ‘Best Portrait’ Award At ‘DC Tattoo Expo’


MOTÖRHEAD fan Zachury Farkas won best portrait overall at the DC Tattoo Expo in Arlington, Virginia with a portrait of the band’s frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister tattooed on his lower leg. He also did a photo shoot for several tattoo magazines after the contest. The tattoo was done by Cranston, Rhode Island tattoo artist Evan Olin.

Farkas tells “[Evan‘s] work speaks for itself and I’m extremely happy with it.

“The tattoo itself took just over nine hours to complete.

“This is not [Evan‘s] first rodeo in creating awesome rock-star portraits either. He also did my Dimebag portrait on my forearm.”

Lemmy died on December 28, just two days after he found out that he was afflicted with an aggressive form of cancer.