MR. LORDI Says: ‘I Really, Really, Really Hated That Everybody’s Always Asking About The Goddamn Eurovision’

LORDI frontman, Mr. Lordi, was recently interviewed by MariskalRock, where he talked about the band’s connection to Eurovision:

“There was a time a couple of years ago — well, more than a couple — when I really, really, really hated that everybody’s always asking about the goddamn Eurovision; there was a time. Nowadays I have come to terms with it. It’s, like, okay, I’m actually proud that we are part of Eurovision history and I am proud that Eurovision is part of this band’s history. I mean, it is a big part of our awareness. Because the awareness of the band would be so different, it would be so much smaller, without that one TV show ten years ago.

I absolutely don’t regret that — absolutely not. Because I have nothing bad to say about Eurovision itself, but the problem that we have had in the years is the people who actually don’t know anything else except for the fact that we were on Eurovision. And that is a big stamp to get out of — it’s like a f*cking tattoo, you have a f*cking tattoo on your forehead that says ‘Eurovision.’ And that is something that really, really, really drove me nuts some years ago; I was really struggling with that.”

Let’s remind that Lordi was voted among Finish audience due to their outstanding chart position: they got a double platinum album. When people noticed that it was a Metal band things started to go bad. The controversy arose because some thought a ‘monster band’ could not represent Finland in such an important contest. Much ado about nothing!