MUNICIPAL WASTE Drummer’s Mom Stage Dives During Band’s Show (Video)

Municipal Waste Drummer's Mom

MUNICIPAL WASTE fans got an extra treat at the band’s December 6 show in Asbury Park, NJ when the mother of drummer Dave Witte made a guest appearance on stage. Mrs. Witte stage-dived into the crowd and put on a hell of a show!

Mind Decay Productions filmed the jump, allowing viewers to see the extreme close-up of Mrs. Witte as well as picking up on the audio of those in attendance gasping in awe.

The following day guitarist Ryan Waste revealed exactly what happened up there.

Dave Witte’s Mom stole the show last nite,” he wrote on Instagram. “She yelled in my ear ‘Ryan, do f**k you up for me, play me out’ with such confidence and swagger as she proceeded to jump off the stage. It was her show and my favorite of the tour so far. Respect to the Witte family and Asbury Park, NJ.”