MUNICIPAL WASTE’s TONY FORESTA Drunkenly Claimed To Be A Member Of SLIPKNOT After Security Ejected Him From The Stage Of A DISTURBED Show

Municipal Waste 2022

During an recent appearance on the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘, MUNICIPAL WASTE singer Tony Foresta got to talking about some of his drunken touring stories.

Foresta revealed that he had a nu-metal cover band named JOCK JAMZ, and also how he got ejected by security after drunkenly crashing the side stage of a DISTURBED show.

That incident took place at an undisclosed European festival roughly 12 to 13 years ago, and started off with a bottle of whiskey shared with late CHILDREN OF BODOM frontman Alexi Laiho.

“We were playing a festival in Sweden and—this is a really long time ago, like kinda when we first starting going over to Europe… It had to have been like 2009, ’cause we just toured with CHILDREN OF BODOM, and then we went over to Europe and they were there, and they were playing this festival. And Lexi [late CHILDREN OF BODOM frontman Alexi Laiho], me and that dude, we both liked to hit it hard back then, Foresta recalled.

“We both liked our whiskey and I hadn’t seen him since the tour we did, or talked to him. Anyway, he grabs me and is like ‘Come sit with me man, let’s share a drink.’ And [we] just sit there and house this f*cking bottle of I don’t even know. I know it was whiskey. I’m not really sure what it was. That guy was little, but he could f*cking drink man.

“So to preface this: Me and Ryan Waste have this band that we only played as twice. We only played the Super Bowl halftime at our local bar… [the band] is called JOCK JAMZ with a Z and we do nü-metal songs. And it was me and Ryan Parrish that played in DARKEST HOUR and was eventually in IRON REAGEN. And we would do GODSMACKDISTURBED [covers]… Anyway, we would do all those songs.

“We would wear fake dreads and hats sideways and makeup—it was a thing. Anyway, so I’m chilling with Lexi and then I’m like ‘Ah f*ck, I gotta go, I gotta go find my bandmates.’ And I’m walking by the main stage and I see Phil [HallMunicipal Waste bassist/vocalist] and he’s like talking to the TRIVIUM dudes or somebody.

“[So] I find my bandmates and I’m standing by the main stage, just talking and DISTURBED kicks into the f*cking monkey song, whatever the f*ck it’s called… ohhh ahh ahh ahh, you know that sh*t? An I’m stoked. I’m feeling pretty good at this point.

“And I hear that sh*t kick in and I’m like ‘Aww shi*!’ So I f*cking climb up on the stage, up this steep stairwell, and I get up it and I run over to the stage and they kick into that part,” he continued. “And I’m like doing my rap—my rappy, rapping bass metal dance, I like to call it. And I’m f*cking feeling it. And the security, or I don’t know who it was—probably a guitar tech or something. [So] these two dudes like fold me up and they’re grabbing me and they like f*cking throw me down the stairs.

“And then they look and they see I have an artist pass on me. And they’re like ‘Oh f*ck. Who, who are you, man? Who are you?’ And I go, ‘I’m in f*cking SLIPKNOT dude, you just f*cked up!’ That was the first thing that came to my head, ’cause I was like they wear masks, so [security] wouldn’t even know. So I was like ‘you just f*cked up, man!’ I walked off real fast and I don’t know if that ever got back to anybody, but that was a fun day for sure. R.I.P. Lexi too.”