Murder Van – Murder Van

Visceral and brutal. Bloody and gory. Fast and violent. Just what the name and title tell. I just love that! Well, but love’s got nothing to do with it. I guess.

What else to say of a band with the sugestive and kind name of Murder Van? Is there anything else more Metal than that? Well, all we have to do is check their sound out. Let’s go, shall we?

Murder Van’s sonance makes justice to the name. It is bloody, brutal, violent, fast and visceral. Just the way fans love. Aha, there is some loving after all! Murder Van are the good old stuff with traces of early Death Metal and Thrash Metal. The groovy and fast cadence of Thrash and the power ands ferosity of Death Metal in only one album. Listen to “Creeping Nuclear Death” and feel the power it brings to your face. Blasts and more blasts of energy. It’s rage, wrath, and rebellion sweeting from all pores. It’s all there; the cadence, the vocals, the speed drumming, the wall of sound, they’ve got it all. Jawbreaking riffing to the bones.

“Murder Van” is eight tracks of the purest sanguinary and violent Metal ever. With it all the fun that comes around beginning with “At Dusk” and terminating with “Creeping Nuclear Death.” A highlight to “Webs of Discontent” and its inspired and resourceful guitar intro with great solo and riffing making room to a brutal Metal carnage. “Death Rider” is also another highlight with its mesmerizing guitar riffing and hypnotic drum beating. Murder Van make it worth it. Only that.

Murder Van may not save Metal and be at the top, but they’re lots of fun. Yeah, they are. Headbanging guaranteed.

By the way, the album cover is also something. Pure black humor. Things that only Metal bands provide you. So sorry I had to cut it out a little. Too much for my WordPress.

Murder Van “Murder Van” will be released on December 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. At Dusk
  2. Webs of Discontent
  3. Death Rider
  4. Lurid Dream
  5. Dead Hookers
  6. Murderous Desire
  7. Vengeance
  8. Creeping Nucleae Death