Music Fans Outraged After Tickets Mysteriously Disappear From Ticketmaster Accounts


Concert tickets that were purchased on Ticketmaster have mysteriously disappeared from people’s online accounts. This has left music fans outraged, as they worry about what will happen when they try to enter the concert venue.

Subsequently, many shared their frustration with Ticketmaster on Twitter.

One fan, who shared a screenshot of their purchased tickets section on the Ticketmaster app coming up blank, lashed into the company. “fix our tickets,” they said. “mine have been gone for over 3 hours. you don’t understand how stressful this is. i paid over 400 dollars for my tickets … and for them not to be in my account is unacceptable.”

See more tweets from outraged fans near the bottom of this page.

As of this posting, Ticketmaster has not yet responded to the issue on social media.