My Refuge – A Matter of Supremacy

a2529803620_10 Power metal has always been an interesting genre for me as so many bands have been able to create so many different sounds and worlds just by being fast and melodic with each band having their own special twist, of course. Sometimes, bands don’t have a twist and they’re just here to provide straight power metal that sounds good, and that is exactly what My Refuge has done with their debut full length album, “A Matter of Supremacy”. Busting in with pure heaviness and a melodic pace that is key to any sort of power metal, My Refuge have made a nice sound with their first full length after about 5 years of putting out EPs and such. The only thing that I can’t say I enjoyed that much was how the vocals didn’t mix well for me with the rest of the band even though they still had a great sound and feel of their own. And the same can be said for the guitars, bass, and drums that had a marvelous tone to them throughout the entire album. Overall though, “A Matter of Supremacy” is a well rounded power metal album that definitely shows that My Refuge know what their doing and how to do it almost flawlessly. I’d be very interested to see if they improve their sound with a sophomore full length, but for now this album is more than good enough to keep fans of the genre occupied for the time being.

You can stream “A Matter of Supremacy” in full on Bandcamp here and purchase it via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. A Storm is Coming
  2. The Cage (Oh Demon in My Eyes)
  3. Calling of the Wind
  4. Endless Night
  5. Living in Anger
  6. This Wall
  7. The Raven
  8. Empty Room
  9. On Wings of Wax
  10. Somewhere