Mystery Illness Strikes Former DIO Guitarist CRAIG GOLDY

Craig Goldy

Former DIO guitarist Craig Goldy says that he is currently battling a mystery illness.

The 61-year-old musician, who was born and raised in San Diego, offered an update on his health in a social media post Monday night (December 26). He wrote in part: “I’ve had a bit of a set back health-wise….nothing life threatening but no known cause and no known cure for just 1 of 4 things going on!”

“Everything happens for a reason and even bad things come with a benefit! The reason and benefit is much more clear than what’s going on ( a story for another time ) that has baffled 6 doctors and specialists…they don’t know what it is either. But through a biopsy the one became known because what my symptoms were did not match anything in their data base.

“I have a new doctor and am optimistic that this is the beginning of the end for all four!”

In 1986, Goldy stepped in to join DIO during their “Sacred Heart” tour as original guitarist Vivian Campbell had been dismissed from the group due to a heated business altercation with Ronnie James Dio‘s management. Subsequently named Ronnie’s most trusted comrade, Goldy joined forces with the heavy metal icon and composed unforgettable hits such as “Dream Evil,” “One More For The Road,” and “As Long As It’s Not About Love.” Evidently an essential component of DIO for many years after his entrance into the band.

For numerous years, Goldy collaborated with DIO DISCIPLES–a band composed of ex-members from DIO. Each performance was a unique experience featuring an ever-evolving line up including well known vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens who formerly fronted JUDAS PRIEST.