Mystery Solved! BILLY GIBBONS Explains ZZ TOP’s Beards

One more mystery of the universe was solved by Eddie Trunk interviewing ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. In the interview he tells why they’ve got them so long and for so many years.

The words to Mr. Gibbons:

“I think we just got lazy. [Laughs] Put the razor aside, got lazy.

“I think Dusty [Hill] came up with the phrase back in the day – he said, ‘ZZ Top, yeah, we’re immune to fashion.’ But, you know, trends change and I guess we’re kind of in step these days. We’re in some 2-foot doormats on the chin. [Laughs]”

How about cutting them?

“Oh, yeah, we’ve been approached a couple of times. But we’re not sure what’s under these whiskers. Said ‘No thanks.’ Since we’re not sure what’s under here, I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see that.”