Mystic Death Metal SYMBOLICAL To Release ‘Igne’ EP

Symbolical band

Mystic death metal band SYMBOLICAL will self-release a brand new EP entitled Igne on 25 December 2021. The EP is part of a three part series which will see two more EPs released in 2022. In total the series of EPs will consist of nine brand new tracks with a music video for each song. 

Musically, Igne is a continuation of the death metal sound Symbolical carved out on their first two full-length albums Collapse in Agony and Allegory of Death. Clocking in at around 25 minutes, Igne tells the story of Jesus’ birth but not as popularly accepted… In Igne, Mary gives birth to Jesus the Antichrist, and condemns the world to destruction.

As on SYMBOLICAL’s previous album, Igne features Pawel “Cymer” Cymerman on guitars and vocals, Konrad “Sloq” Słoczyński on guitars, Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski on drums, and Łukasz “Lukas” Matyja on bass. All music was composed by Cymer, and arranged by SYMBOLICAL, while all lyrics were written by Karol “Charles” Goździk

The band commented: “We wanted to portray the essence of SYMBOLICAL in a three-song formula. Rage and beauty are our favorite feelings, and we love to mess around with our listeners’ feelings. We think that this EP will surprise many people.”

Igne was recorded, mixed and mastered by JNS Studio / Paweł Janos, except the vocals which were recorded with Arnaud Ménard of Sicarius Productions. The cover artwork is a painting by William Blake “Judas Betrays Him” c.1803–5.

Igne track listing:

1. The Call of Nazareth
2. Epiphany & Revival
3. Disciple of Death