Nadsvest – Slovo meseca i krvi Review

This is the debut full-length album of Black Metal entity Nadsvest, “Slovo meseca i krvi.” The band is comprised of “S” (Gorgoroth) and “A” (Barshesketh), which is a hellish combination of the first, second-wave and bestial Black Metal scenes, with unhealthy doses of heavy metal and nods to Serbian folk music.

According to the press release, conceptually, “Slovo meseca i krvi” is an epic poem exploring the stages in the process of awakening the primal werewolf force in the warrior, the triumph of the spirit and the ultimate sacrifice of the flesh.

It’s interesting to realize how Black Metal has introduced other languages than English to its pantheon in a way of hailing national languages. In fact, Serbian sounds pretty tough here and fits pretty well to Black Metal. Also, it’s interesting how Nadsvest combined Black Metal eeire and harsh vocals with Old School Heavy Metal instrumentals in some tracks. The album is full of long tracks where the band combines both Black Metal instrumentals with Old School Heavy Metal as in “Od meseca i krvi,” where some parts received an Old School Heavy Metal wrapping. Of course, this combination doesn’t sound weird at all. Ok, maybe to diehard Black Metal fans it does. Besides that, the neat instrumentals also do a big difference here. Nadsvest did a great instrumental job here proving that Black Metal albums can also be polished without losing the power and the glory. The very few, although game changer, effects in tracks as “Trijumf Silnika – smrt sveta” showcases a band to whom the effects are something to add and not to be prominent. There is a big difference in both concepts.

As a concept album “Slovo meseca i krvi” does a pretty good job. An album full of dark energy and very special instrumental moments.

Nadsvest “Slovo meseca i krvi” was released on May 17th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Vihori boja
  2. Ponori adski
  3. Vaznesenje Zveri
  4. Pojanje crno
  5. Od meseca i krvi
  6. Trijumf Silnika – smrt sveta

Watch official track premiere here: