‘Narcissist, Self-Absorbed, Egomaniac’ The Three Essential Characteristics A Frontman Must Have Says DEE SNIDER

You agree with me that besides all his splendid career what we love most about Dee Snider is his big mouth. Now he named the three most important traits of a frontman in an interview with Who Will Rock You page:

“On the list of job requirements for a frontman are three essentials. It says ‘narcissist,’ ‘self-absorbed’ and ‘egomaniac.’ If you’ve got those three things, and a voice – you’re in.”

During a previous interview with The Village Voice, Snider admitted that his personality destroyed the group back in the late ’80s. The frontman explained:

“I was absolutely a narcissistic megalomaniac. And once I broke through, after all these years of struggle and people telling me no, now I was going to tell everybody, ‘I was right, you were wrong. F*ck you. Shut your mouth, I don’t want to hear from you. Nobody talk to me. You just will listen. Because the Dee is talking. The Dee is speaking. The Dee knows.'”