Nasty High – Where the River Runs

That’s the way I like the intro to an album. Big and fat guitars with pounding and earthshaking drumming. It’s the band giving everything they’ve got from the beginning. The kind of guitar riffing that sparks the attention of the fan and meet the eyes. By the way, I do like the lyrics and the song title of “Make’em Pay” whoever the song is directed to. Hard’n’Heavy must be like this full of energy and adrenaline. That rebel yell that so many talk about whatever your age is. It doesn’t really matter because it’s for and from the heart.

I said many times here that I do appreciate Hard Rock and their congeneres due to the energy and fuzz it makes. It’s the kind of music made from the heart and to the heart as Heavy Metal is, by the way. The difference is the attitude both show. Metal is more serious, Hard Rock is the opposite. Following track “Waiting to Fall” keeps the flame and the kickass attitude and pulse. It’s from “Travelling in Time” that things cools down a little and Nasty High – Wow, what a name -, steps down a little for some more intimistic song with a great instrumental. Coming to talk about that, the fan must know that from the smplest structures hide the most complex playing. Tracks as “Don’t Leave the Lights on” shows lots of influences as Def Lepard and W.A.S.P.  with a Poison lyrics. Thirty years ago it would be a blast to FM radios. Unfortunately, internet killed the radio. I miss it a lot.

All things in this universe get old, even the universe itself. It’s the law of life to be born, grow, reproduce, get old and die. But, for some reason, music styles don’t exactly follow this law as we can see by releases as Nasty High “Where the River Runs” which sound as fresh as if they were still the trend. Even tracks as “Believe It” with its sonancy as Whitesnake from the late 1980s sound fresh. Guitars are sounding great, if you ask me.

Nasty High “Where the River Runs” is an effort to listen very loud in your sports car with a voluptuous blonde – if you like them.

Nasty High “Where the River Runs” was released on March 06th via Absorbing Recordings.

Track Listing:

  1. Make ‘Em Pay
  2. Waiting to Fall
  3. Travelling in Time
  4. Catastrophe
  5. Don’t Leave the Light on
  6. Let Yourself Go
  7. Believe It
  8. Still High
  9. Where the River Runs
  10. Renegade

Watch “Still High” official video here: