Naxatras – III

This Naxatras “III” is exactly what is expected from a proto-metal album, with the sononce of all the great efforts usually done circa late 1960s and early 1970s. The perfect mix of psychedelic rock and heavy rock with a very skilled and resourceful guitarist. Who could ever imagine that some band would bring all those feelings back to life in a very consistent album. Most songs of “III” are a pure instrumental voyage through the void giving you the perfect feeling that it is a 1960s piece. Naxatras were able to gather many sonic references of the good old times. The most impressive ones are the jazz rock influences present in “You Won’t Be Left Alone.” I have been missing this for a long time.

It is not only the songs that impress, but also the minucious crafsman work in creating a 1960s sonance. Everything in “III” makes you think it is the real deal. I mean, that it could have been done back then. There is no detail left. Pay close attention to the drums tone. It emulates exactly how drums used to sound in the 1960s. The same thick snare and single bass drum soundings, the economic use of cymbals and tom-toms. “On the Silver Line” is so well recorded that it seems like if it were recorded by the great Jeff Beck.

“III” is the album that was missing these days. It is full-hearted, strong, fuzzy, and makes you travel very far from reality. It has all the old vibes and recreates them perfectly with memorable songs. Sometimes it makes you even think that the master Jimi Hendrix is back in songs like “Machine.” It is funny how an album based on the 1960s could ever be so fresh. To many it is the proof the rock is already dead. But hold your horses! There is still plenty of life out of the rock world. To us, those who love the heavier music, Metal is alive and well. You can ask “What does this have to do with Metal?” Lots of things my beloved reader, lots of things. It was this kind of sound that gave life to Metal.

Naxatras “III” was self-released on February 16th.

Track Listing:

  1. You Won’t Be Left Alone
  2. On the Silver Line
  3. Land of Infinite Time
  4. Machine
  5. Prophet
  6. White Morning
  7. Spring Song

Watch “On the Silver Line” official video here: