NCAA Bans Virginia Tech From Playing METALLICA’s ‘Enter Sandman’

James Hetfield

During the March Madness games, the Virginia Tech Hokies women’s basketball team is not permitted to play any music, including their usual crowd-pleaser, METALLICA‘s “Enter Sandman.”

The NCAA has implemented this rule to ensure that games are treated as a neutral event, preventing any advantage for the home team. Despite these regulations, Virginia Tech Hokies fans disregarded the rules and still chanted the lyrics of “Enter Sandman.”

NBC 12 weekend news anchor Riley Wyant posted video of the chant, saying “Let me clarify here- Virginia Tech hosted this Women’s NCAA Tournament game as a ‘neutral site.

“So, the NCAA said the Hokies would be fined if they played their traditional ‘Enter Sandman’ entrance. So yes, the song was banned for this instance but not for usual home games.”

Virginia Tech has a history of being particularly enthusiastic about “Enter Sandman.” The college football team’s supporters once chanted the song so energetically that it was actually detected on a seismograph.