NECROFIER Share Music Video For New Song ‘Madness Descends’


Texan black metal battalion NECROFIER are now unleashing the second track of their upcoming debut record Prophecies of Eternal Darkness. The ominous new single “Madness Descends,” which was created by Dwayne Cathey, is now streaming in the form of an official music video via the Black Metal Promotions and it can be seen below. The album is set for world-wide release on October 22, 2021 via Season of Mist Underground Activists.

The cover artwork, track-list and further album details can be found below.

Prophecies of Eternal Darkness track listing:

1. The Black Flame Burns
2. Darker than the night
3. Madness Descends
4. Return to Chaos
5. Death Comes to Us All
6. Unholy Hunger
7. Betrayal of the Queen
8. Plaque Requiem

Necrofier Prophecies of Eternal Darkness

The rise of American black metal is a cult movement whose vast influence and growth cannot be ignored. Houston’s NECROFIER carries this torch, embodying the hallmarks of melodic black metal while embracing their Texas roots, delivering what can only be described as total Southern darkness as they bridge the divide between true Norwegian black metal and American gothic.

In the fall of 2018, fate coalesced when vocalist/guitarist Bakka Larson (VENOMOUS MAXIMUSNIGHT COBRA) saw an open call on social media from drummer Dobber Beverly (OCEANS OF SLUMBERINSECT WARFARE) who was looking to work on a traditional heavy metal project. Larson had already been working on black metal songs as an outlet to explore the themes of the supernatural and unknown and exploring this darkness, so he jumped on the opportunity and quickly reached out. The two immediately connected over their shared passion to create dark, old school music in which they could inject their Southern flair.

The duo eventually recruited Beverly’s OCEANS OF SLUMBER counterpart and bassist Mat Valentine and soon wrote and released a debut EP, Visions in Fire, which channeled the spirit of late-era DISSECTIONWATAINCLOAK, and TRIBULATION while staying true to their own homegrown sensibilities.

Not long after the EP release, the band scored an opening slot with UADA. Needing a second guitarist to fill out the sound, Josh Bokemeyer (CHURCH OF DISGUST) was eventually tapped to fill that role, completing the band’s inception.

The four-piece later released a music video for the EP title track and went on to perform with a vast array of their black metal brethren such as 1349GOATWHORE, and CLOAK, including an appearance at a coveted SXSW showcase. Now, the band is emerging from the darkness of 2021, ready to fan the unholy flames and finally release their devastating debut full-length, Prophecies of Eternal Darkness.

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