NECROMANTIA Announce Wine Collection, ‘Elixir Of The Abyss’

Necromantia Wine

NECROMANTIA, one of the most iconic bands of the Greek Black Metal scene has announced new wine collection — Elixir Of The Abyss — in collaboration with Headbanging Wine & Spirits.

Their unique musicianship blended with diabolical spirit and proto-cosmic horrors has established the band as one of the leaders in occult, dark music.

Three-numbered and limited edition varieties of quality red dry wine will be released in this collection, with first wine, being available right now.

NECROMANTIA was created in late 1989 by two like minded individuals: The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (bass). Their aim was to create original, powerful and innovative Diabolical music.

Their first recordings earned them a cult status in the scene since they were very original, ritualistic and utterly sinister! NECROMANTIA never hesitated to use “non -metal” instruments like: saxophone, percussions e.t.c. in addition to their standard metal orchestrations.

The wine is produced by people who love the art of wine making, in private vineyards in Argos of Amfilochia. Vinification and aging takes place in oak barrels.

First wine in collection is available for 15 euros and can be ordered through Headbanging Wine & Spirits.