NECROMANTIA Reveal Artwork For Their Upcoming Album ‘To The Depths We Descend’

NECROMANTIA, one of the most iconic bands of the Greek black metal scene, reveal the artwork of their highly anticipated final album “To The Depths We Descend” which will be released in Fall 2021.

In The Magus’ own words:

As we are approaching the final stage of production, I think it is time to reveal the cover of our ultimate album.

I wanted the cover to have a strong reference to our first albums in combination with our draconian sigil.

Once again I employed the great talent of Harshanand Singh. He managed to capture our primal daemonical essence and not only that: the Great Dragon itself spreads its wings and welcomes the anima of Baron Blood and the spirit form of NECROMANTIA in the abysmal realms.” The Magus, April 2021

The band was created in late 1989 by two like-minded individuals: The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (8-string bass). Their aim was to create original, powerful and innovative Diabolical music, replacing the usual 6-string guitars with 8-string bass and joined forces with various musicians in drums, lead guitars, keyboards and innovations in order to complete their magical formula. Their first recordings earned them a cult status in the scene since their music was original, ritualistic and utterly sinister.

NECROMANTIA never hesitated to use “non-metal” instruments like saxophone, percussions etc. in addition to their standard metal orchestrations, and that option made them unique and established their own individual sound.

They have released three demo tapes, four full albums, one mini album, one split album, one split EP and various 7” eps and re-releases.