Necromutilator – Black Blood Aggression

Metal is such a musical movement that go back and forth is always allowed. It is one of the most expressive musical movements that permits bands to go avant garde and go back in time. I mean, it’s always possible for a Metal band to be nostalgic and revive the good old music of the past. It is so because Metal lives in another time dimension where time itself doesn’t man that much as to other musical movements. Of course, one can always trace a timeline for Metal bands, but indeed bands don’t respect it much. You, my child of the night that follows our reviews here at Metal Addicts noticed that there are Metal bands playing whatever they please from proto-metal features to the most modern ones. With no issues and main concerns at all. There is room for everybody in the pantheon of Metal Gods.

Necromutilator with “Black Blood Aggression” is the kind of band that don’t care for what everyone would say. The music they play besides being unchic is also from the time dinosaurs walked on the surface of the Earth. Necromutilator chose to perform the good old school Black Metal from the so-called first wave of Black metal bands – Gosh, I like this term because it fits so well on the way I see Metal. Gritty, harsh and demonic vocals, fiercyful guitars, speed of light drumming and thundering bass all into a mass of sound that may as well conquer the world with its anger and wrath. “Black Blood Aggression” has boldly gone where many have been before, and you know what? It’s simply a great full of blood album. There are ten tracks of the most classic and energetic Black metal. Retro is no bad name for Necromutilator and they take it very seriously playing the way it was in the 1980s with the pro of using the latest technology that allows them to be perfectly heard – a thing that usually didn’t happen back then.

“Black Blood Aggression” is a monolithic album that will please all retro Black metallers, or simply the ones who really don’t care about fashions and trends, just Metal at its best. As I said before, the time machine has been already invented by Metal bands. is a time travel to the good old times with milk and honey Metal – ops!

Necromutilator “Black Blood Aggression” was released on March 30th via Terror From Hell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Armoured Antichrist
  2. Serve the Impurity
  3. Nocturnal Messiah
  4. Putrefaction Rites
  5. Crypts of Depravation
  6. Blessed in Hellvomit
  7. Goat Eyes Hypnosis
  8. Black Mayhemic Torment
  9. Chainsaw Sacrament
  10. Cold Sperm of Sathanas 

Watch “Goat Eyes Hypnosis” official video here: