Necronomicon – Unleashed Bastards

This Necronomicon with “Unleashed Bastards” is a very exciting effort. To make use of archeological terms I’d say they are the lost link between heavy/power metal with thrash metal. “Unleashed Bastards” is a very energetic album, but also with high doses of melody. Necronomicon have found the perfect balance between them. That’s what give “Unleashed Bastards” its very personal sonance. And personality is something Necronomicon have tons and tons. Some tracks are very fast as thrash uses to be, others have some more balance. First track “Burn and Fall” belongs to the second team. Much more near American power metal than thrash. Another thing that drives the attention to Necronomicon is the cohesive instrumental passages. The next two in the role are extreme-velocity paced and aggressive vocals. The thing one expects from a veteran band.

“Malevolent” breaks the expect extreme-velocity third track. Catchy chorus and swingful riffs with totally slow passages. Great track. The unexpected is very welcome. “Malevolent” is the unexpected. We love bands that surprise us. Necronomicon are one of them because they are far from the standard thrash metal band. “We Did We Do” has a cadenced pace with another catchy – and interesting – chorus. I guess the motor that drives all this diversity in Necronomicon is vocalist Freddy because when you have a singer with high vocal abilities, your music gets more diverse. The guy goes from clean to graspy in a second and really knows how to go different. Of course, it would make no different if the band wasn’t as cohesive as they are.

This is the band that really knows how to balance speed, aggression, and melody. Necronomicon are a band that please old school heavy metal fans and extreme metal ones. As I said a kind of a lost link. Very few bands dare to be like this. “Unleashed Bastards” is an album of great songs.

Necronomicon “Unleashed Bastards” will be released on September 28th via El Puerto Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Burn and Fall
  2. Leave The Lights on
  3. Total Rejection
  4. Malevolent
  5. We Did We Do
  6. Imperial Hunger
  7. My Name Is Vengeance
  8. Forbid Me From Living
  9. Unleashed
  10. Religion Live Fast
  11. Personal Enemy
  12. The Nightmare Continues

Watch “Malevolent” alive video here: