Necros Christos – Doom of the Occult

a3614547259_10  If there were ever a death metal album that truly, and I mean truly, represents the modern state of death metal music then “Doom of the Occult” is that f**king album. This is but Necros Christos’ second album and they have already proven themselves to be at the very front of the underground death scene in not just Germany (their home country), but the entire f**king world. Busting in with an astoundingly whopping 23 motherf**king tracks and over 70 minutes between them, Necros Christos have made a death album that is all over the board. By that I mean there are tracks that are heavier than anything on this planet, mixed with instrumental tracks that serve as atmosphere changers that either calm you with something that sounds like a sitar, unnerve you with the sound of a creepy ass organ, and everything in between as you go from face melting death metal to something that’ll pull you back and calm your nerves only to throw you back into the inferno in the next track. The growls also make “Doom of the Occult” as great as it is because they truly do make you feel like you’re in the chaos that is unfolding within the cover art and that is something that I cannot get over because they hit the nail on the head with their sound as it makes each and every track that they’re featured in f**king excellent. There are also plenty of super crunchy riffs that is a gift that just keeps on giving over and over again, so if you want the most out of simplicity then that’s one more awesome thing you’re going to find within “Doom of the Occult”. Now, this album was put out in 2011 and I find that absolutely criminal and a shame. I say that because this album is unjustly unknown and the only f**king way I found this was that I dug deep into the death metal category on Bandcamp, saw the cover art, and thought “this looks interesting”. I cannot encourage you enough to check out this album or Necros Christos. This album and this band are something special as they have true talent for their genre and in the future events that they put out more albums I will be all over that s**t before it’s even released! And I suggest you do the f**king same right now.

You can stream “Doom of the Occult” on Bandcamp here, listen to the track “Necromantique Nun” via YouTube below, and listen to Necros Christos’ latest album, “Nine Graves”, on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Temple I
  2. Baal of Ekron
  3. Temple II
  4. Hathor of Dendera
  5. Gate I
  6. Temple III
  7. Necromantique Nun
  8. Temple IV
  9. Invoked From Carrion Slumber
  10. Gate II
  11. Temple IX.99
  12. Doom of Kali Ma / Pyramid of Shakti Love / Flame of Master Shiva
  13. Gate III
  14. Temple V
  15. Succumbed to Sarkum Phagum
  16. Temple IV
  17. Visceras of the Embalmed Deceased
  18. Gate IV
  19. Temple VII
  20. The Pharaonic Dead
  21. Temple VIII
  22. Descending Into the Kingly Tomba
  23. Gate V