Nefasturris – Towers of Sin

At first Nefasturris “Towers of Sin” causes a estrangement. Guitar and vocal tones plus the recording seem to be a little out of tune, but it’s not that, the music seems not to fit. I said at first. Then you slowly get used to Nefasturris, which means towers of sin in latim, are a band with lots, but literally lots of personality. “Towers of Sin” is an album that impresses and that makes it very difficult to label. All eight tracks differ a lot from each other. That is actually great because we keep complaining that some bands do the same many times over. For sure, that’s not Nefasturris. Listen to the couple of songs before third track “Nothing to Gain,” but don’t think you misplayed at first. Those tracks are really very different.

In “Towers of Sin,” Nefasturris master in chosing some odd harmonic constructions and solutions to songs. Sometimes what is odd are the distortion effects, other times are the broken guitar riff. I say broken because they seem to miss or to have something else in them. But Nefasturris deal with all this in a so great way that “Towers of Sin” seems odd, but impresses when you get used to it. “Forced to Fend” has a very exquisite intro speech and the song starts out also in a strange manner. But as long as it evolves, it gets more audible, if you get what I’m saying.

And just when you are getting used to all the exquisite Nefasturris and “Towers of Sin,” comes “Lost Elation” with a 1980ish british avant-garde of rock vocals that Dave Ingram Jr. practices with masterly. Guitar solos and licks are also outstanding. Dave Ingram Jr. also seems to slightly sing like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, but suddenly he gives a roar that makes you forget all about that. “Gears of Distortion” is a track that seems to be recorded by the good old, but forgotten, “Green Jelly” – remember the “Three Little Pigs.” Just a reminder… No offense.

“Towers of Sin”is one of the greatest surprises of the year.

Nefasturris “Towers of Sin” was released on August 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. Xenocide – feat. Tom B. Stone (Demons of Old Metal, Kinjiru)
  2. Fatalistic Type – feat. Adrian Heathershaw (Mörti Viventi)
  3. Nothing to Gain – feat. Andrew Jamieson (Purgatory), Casper Leijen (State of Negation) & Joe Stamps (Ba’al, Hecate Enthroned)
  4. Death Comes to Time – feat. David Ingram Snr. (Down Among the Dead Men, Just Before Dawn) & Scott Fairfax (Memoriam)
  5. Forced to Fend – feat. Footprints in the Custard, Howard Smith (Acid Reign), Joe Johnston (Thrashist Regime) & Stuart Pendergast (Danmaku, Hospital of Death)
  6. Lost Elation – feat. Chris Simmons (Wretched Soul)
  7. Gears of Distortion – feat. Simon Cobb (Anihilated, Sun of the Endless Night)
  8. Worth Your Weight in Blood

Watch “Nothing to Gain” demo version here: