NEONFLY Unleash New Video For ‘Beating Hearts’


NEONFLY release their hotly anticipated album, titled The Future, Tonight, on June 18th 2021 via Germany’s up and coming metal institution, Noble Demon. The band unleashed a new lyrics video for new single “Beating Hearts“.

The track demonstrates the musical variety of the new album with a gospel-tinged, rock orientated anthem & hook laden chorus. It’s “a song about not being afraid of being yourself, and not having to justify yourself for being different” as guitarist Frederick Thunder states:

It’s a song about following your heart and accepting your choices, regardless of what certain religious groups, social conventions or other people might dictate. It’s a song about passion, that celebrates alternative culture in all its manifestations: music, art, lifestyle, community… and it’s a song about overcoming any personal doubts you might have, and finding harmony within yourself.

The album artwork, as well as the portraits of the band members, form part of NOMA’s “21st Century Mona Lisa” collection, who explains the idea behind it in the following statement:

We are one of the many organisms that coexist in this modern era. However, we are potentially just one of the many 21st century’s expandable products that may disappear at any time. We live in a rapidly changing digital era, locked within an ever-repeating media reality that turns on and off under their direction. It is like being a lifeless pixel on a TV screen, essentially becoming one of the many tools that are used to shape and create the future. We always hide our feelings and goals from some unknown enemy who could appear at any time. Our crooked desires, greed, and the accompanying cries of injustice are hidden behind the veil of a warm and happy face, expressing itself only in a way of our choosing. But even when our hidden emotions are exposed, we choose to suppress and deny them, choosing instead to lock them up in a snare of reality. It is as if we were a machine, calculating the right words to say and expressions to reveal, never acknowledging or expressing our true feelings. Unlike how the warm smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the 15th century reflects suppression, I choose to freely express our repressed and restrained desires. That might just be the self-portrait of the 21st century that we are living in.

The Future, Tonight Tracklisting:
1. This World Is Burning
2. Last Of Our Kind
3. Flesh And Blood
4. The Future, Tonight (feat. Björn Strid)
5. Beating Hearts
6. More Than A Lifetime
7. Another Eden (feat. Kaan Tasan)
8. Steal The World (feat. Kaan Tasan)
9. Final Warning
10. The Things We Left Behind (And The Things That Slipped Away)

The Future, Tonight was produced by Grammy award nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Motörhead), with keyboards and orchestra arranged by Miro Rodenberg (Avantasia, Kamelot).