NERGAL Calls On Catholics: ‘If You’re an Intelligent Catholic, You’re Going to Come & Enjoy the Behemoth Show’

Controversy never seems to over. In an interview with Kaoos TV Behemoth’s Nergal now calls on catholics:

“I don’t need to try. [Laughs] Some people think that I just sit there in my house and I’m just thinking how to f*cking poke Catholics and stuff. No.”

“Everything I do, honestly, I do it with a huge f*cking smile on my face and I’m inspired and passionate about what I do.”

“I’m, like, ‘Hey, guys, what about this and that idea? It’s going to be awesome.’ Then they look at me, like, ‘Seriously. You want to do it?’ It puts me back on the ground. ‘What? We’re going to get a s**tstorm for that.’ ‘But it’s in my system and I need to get it out.'”

“I cannot take any responsibility for the system because if the system and other people’s emotions have problems with what I do, let them work on it. Because it’s not my deal. My deal, in the first place, I’m not hurting people. I’m not molesting kids. I’m not stealing money. F*ck off.”

“Other than that, it’s my art and my temple and if you don’t want it, stay away. If you don’t want to get offended or whatever you call it, don’t click on Instagram, don’t click on Facebook, unfollow me, don’t buy the record.”

“There is no rule or nothing that forces you to do so. The show, you’re entering with your free will and you must buy a ticket, so don’t buy a ticket to get offended. Just be smart. Even if you’re Catholic, be a little intelligent, okay? Don’t do it.”

“If you’re an intelligent Catholic, you’re going to come and enjoy the show and appreciate it regardless because I know people like that too.”

“There’s a lot of people on Instagram and social media who have different views, but they still understand what metaphor is, you know what I mean? I’m playing with metaphors. This is all metaphors. I’ve always underlined the fact that offstage, I’m a very friendly animal.”