NERGARD “Memorial for a Wish” Will Be Out This April


Battlegod Productions proudly presents the new edition of NERGARD’s “Memorial for a Wish”: re-written, re-arranged and re-recorded!
In 2017, Norwegian composer Andreas Nergård, the mastermind of this project, decided to revisit his debut album from 2013 and through a period of 6 months he rewrote and re-recorded most
of the tracks with a superior sound to the original. The new version captures the true essence of what the album was supposed to sound like. A true Epic Melodic Metal masterpiece with an amazing line-up featuring RALF SCHEEPERS (Primal Fear, ex Gamma Ray), MIKE VESCERA (ex
Yngwie Malmsteen, ex Loudness), GÖRAN EDMAN (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, ex Loudness), ÅGE STEN NILSEN (Wig Wam, Ammunition), NILS K. RUE (Pagan’s Mind), ANDI KRAVLJACA (Thaurorod, Aeon Zen), SANNE MIELLO (Nemesea), DAVID REECE (Bangalore Choir, ex Accept), HELGE ENGELKE (Fair Warning), MICHELE LUPPI (Whitesnake) and TONY MILLS (ex TNT, ex Shy)!
The reissue will be released as a deluxe digipack double-CD including the original version of the album.

Track Listing:
CD 1: “Memorial for a Wish” 2018 version
1. Angels
2. The Haunted
3. Hell On Earth
4. Stay
5. A Question Of God
6. An Everlasting Dreamscape
7. Nightfall
8. Requiem
9. Inside Memories
CD 2: “Memorial for a Wish” 2013 version
1. Twenty Years In Hell
2. A Question Of God
3. Is This Our Last Goodbye
4. Hell On Earth
5. An Everlasting Dreamscape
6. Nightfall
7. Angels
8. Requiem

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