Nergard – Memorial for a Wish

Nergard “Memorial for a Wish” opens up with very familiar voices to the ones who are veterans of the metallian wars. The team of musicians is also remarkable. A real constellation of metal stars. “Memorial for a Wish” is a double CD reissue. I mean, there two CDs; CD one features the 2018 version, and CD two features a 2013 one. I received only the 2018 version. The problem is that two versions differ on the song content. “Hell On Earth,” “A Question Of God,” “An Everlasting Dreamscape,” “Nightfall,” “Requiem,”and “Angels” are in both versions.

With such constellation of Metal stars, one should have big expetations. But hold your horses. Even though “Memorial for a Wish” is no masterpiece, it is not a forgetable album. Yeah, some songs are warm, but then comes a guitar solo or a drum filling that heat everything up. And “Inside Memories” burn the house down. Killer guitar riffs and vocals contrasting with a sweet and present keyboard. Maybe due to the presence of two ex-Yngwie Malmsteen members, “Memorial for a Wish” sounds pretty malmsteenish. With all the guitar shreads too. Truely a highlight. First track, “Angels” comes to stand for that. And a bit longer than the average.

In short, “Memorial for a Wish” is an album to pay attention to the musicians. But not only, hold your horses again. There are other songs passages notewise. Sanne Miello embellishes “Angels” with her angelic voice. Sounds almost a pleonasm, huh? But the girl sure is more than a pretty voice. In “The Haunted” she shows an angry and full of personality voice. Also a good song with great guitar interventions. In the mood for a swinging and strong guitar riff? Listen to “Hell On Earth.”

Nergard “Memorial for a Wish” will make its wish on April 20th via Battlegod Productions.

Track Listing (2018 version):

  1. Angels
  2. The Haunted
  3. Hell on Earth
  4. Stay
  5. A Question of God
  6. An Everlasting Dreamscape
  7. Nightfall
  8. Requiem
  9. Inside Memories

Watch “The Haunted” official video here: