Neronia – Second World

There are albums that deserve a second chance, or even more than second. Third and forth perhaps. Neronia “Second World” is an album that has to be heard more than once to understand it, to create some kind of bond. Yeah, bond. I need to bond to be able to review some album. No bond, no review. That’s why I sometimes skip  albums. The other times, rarely, is because I don’t like them…

To whom is about to rock, Neronia “Second World” reminds a lot what Marillion used to do in the 1980s. A Progressive Rock more rock than progressive almost in the borders of pop in some cases. This is a very hard path to take, if you ask me. Progressive Rock fans are as loyal as Metal fans and also more demanding. It’s very ease to band to loose their good reputation. I said more rock than progressive because there are very few classical music features in the album what from where I’m standing gives the hint to Progressive Rock. Of course, if one doesn’t count Pink Floyd, an Art Rock band that has very little classical music in it. Or Jethro Tull. Okay, that’s the path Neronia take.

Fun, and interesting fact, is that the album has two intros, as it may be considered, or bridges to the effective first track “What Else Now,” which is really the third. The point is that “Chaos” and “Here I Am” function as bridges to “What Else Now.” Other interesting fact is that unlike their peers, “Second World” doesn’t have long tracks. They are the three minute average. For the sake of the metaller, the album has pretty heavy tracks as “Kiss of a Rainbow” whose guitar riff is very Metal. I appreciated a lot vocalist Falk Ullmann imposed voice which gives a certain different mooding to the songs. Hard to tell in words which. Hard to tell a recorring feeling that I had while listening to the album. It reminds me some other album, but I can’t recall which all. Ah, I got it, its Queensrÿche whose fans I bet will appreciate a lot Neronia specially when it comes to tracks as “Grey Day.”

Fans of Prog Metal won’t be disappointed by Neronia and “Second World.” There are lots of features they have in common.

Neronia “Second World” was released in April via Housemaster Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Chaos
  2. Here I Am
  3. What Else Now
  4. Kiss of a Rainbow
  5. Grey Day
  6. Rhythm of Life
  7. Missing Link
  8. Different View
  9. Control Your Life
  10. Leave the Past Behind
  11. Loud and Proud
  12. Center of My Dreams

Watch “Go This Way” alive video here: