Nerve Saw – Peril

Once in a while we receive a band that strikes us up in the head doing a lot of damage. Sometimes the combination the band does is so toxic that infects even the speaker and media player. It’s not exactly a straight-to-the-face album, but it’s a combination of a caustic and corrosive voice with the thunderous intrumental tha shakens the axis of your computer. Nerve Saw with “Peril” were able to get together a lot of great features of Extreme metal with some Hardcore driven ones. Add to that sick combination a generous dose of the tremedous Motörhead and the recipe is done. Is it just me or I sensed some rock’n’roll boogie in the opening track “A Fool”? That’s one of the zillion reasons I love opening tracks.

Nerve Saw got a way of combining speed, cadence, and lots of sonorous violence in “Peril.” All tracks are acid and corrosive in a way the fan will drool. But the thing that pops the eye of the fan is the vocal. I have to confess that it makes all the difference. The contrast between the vocal and the guitars plus the sometimes groovy – ? – cadence is like a smash in the face. If I had to choose a track that shows perfectly the vibe I’d go with “Empty Heart” with its incendiary guitars and the aforementioned vocal. What a throat this Markus Makkonen guy has. I wonder an entire gig singing like this. I praise it. A lot. Or, on second thought, “The Eyes of the Golem” with its Motörhead drive and inflamed drumming. It really makes the fan’s blood boils.

“Peril” shows us that to make something really exciting doesn’t need much. No need to make a sonorous rfevolution changing or adding everything to Metal music. Metal music has always been simple to the bone. No need to reinvent the wheel, it has already been invented. And besides all that, it is a very difficult album to label due to its unique features.

Nerve Saw “Peril” will be released on March 27th via Testimony Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Fool
  2. Life Goes on… Not
  3. No Lead
  4. The Red Line
  5. Ghosts in Dialogue
  6. Empty Heart
  7. Nails
  8. Last Verse for the Buried
  9. P.I.A.T.
  10. The Eye of the Golem
  11. Wolves of the 80’s

Watch “Last Verse for the Buried” official music video here: