Diva Satanica Nervosa
Photo credit: Kasper Pasinski

Brazilian thrash metal band NERVOSA and frontwoman Diva Satanica have decided to go their separate ways.

Band says in a statement: “Since September 2022 NERVOSA was informed that Diva would leave the band, and since then she has carried out all activities with great professionalism and respect. The reason for her departure is because she chooses to invest more time in other projects and in her band. Since her decision, we entered into an agreement to comply with the Latin America tour and announce her departure later so that we could plan everything calmly and in time.

 “We understand and support her decision.

“It’s not easy for either party, but life is made of choices and decisions. So don’t judge too harshly, because it’s a very painful moment for both parties. All our respect to Diva, thank you for all her dedication and contribution. We wish you good luck on your new journey. “NERVOSA has been working with a vocalist for the last 2 months, and is also working with a new drummer.

“The recordings for the new album start this week, so stay tuned on our social networks because we’re going to post some spoilers. Thanks to all the fans for their love and support.”

Diva added in a separate statement that “The only reason that have led me to this situation has been the lack of agreement between both parts in relation to the decision-making process in the band. Nothing else, no hard feelings against anyone, just different mindsets.

Just last month, drummer Nanu Villalba had also left NERVOSA due to an inability to come together on “common agreement.”