Netherbird – Into The Vast Uncharted

Writing is indeed a hard task. It’s not easy to put into words emotions and feelings especially when it comes to music. There’s no simple way to do it, so I’d rather do it as it comes. Netherbird with “Into The Vast Uncharted” touch deeply into my emotion and remembrances because it reminds the kind of sound I discovered in the late 1990s with a cassete tape that a dear friend of mine recorded to me as a birthday gift. Well, my friend is unfortunatelly gone, but the music he presented to me is alive in “Into The Vast Uncharted.” And it’s so alive!

Netherbird easily do the kind of mix of Extreme Metal and Gothic Metal and Heavy Metal that was really popular in the late 1990s. And they do it so well. Each emotion that this mix is regarded is generously given in order to get a whirpool of emotions. Vocals in “Into The Vast Uncharted” are extremely benefited by the talent of vocalist Nephente who’s able to melt his harsh and hard singing with the complex capability of passing complex emotions. There are lots of Melodic Death Metal in “Into The Vast Uncharted,” but it’s not the predominant mood in the album. There are also generous doses of Black and Gothic Metal which give it the superb taste. The way the guitars are played is also a highlight in this album because it seems that the guitarists were only looking for the most melodious notes possible. Each note causes the feeling, if you know what I’m saying. Even an acoustic track as “Eventide Evangel” sound really special and fresh due to the very well chosen guitar notes and the voice of Nephente who once again knew how to. Tracks as “The Obsidian White” should be rewarded with a prize for the perfect use of agression, rawness, and melody.

“Into The Vast Uncharted” is an album that gathers many great things in music. It’s heavy; it’s hard; it’s complex; it’s fabulous! My compliments to the chef!

Netherbird “Into The Vast Uncharted” was released on September 27th via Eisenwald.

Track Listing:

  1. Saturnine Ancestry
  2. Harvest the Stars
  3. Mercury Skies
  4. Lunar Pendulum
  5. Evertide Evangel
  6. The Obsidian White
  7. Nexus of Unlight

Watch “Saturnine Ancestry” official music video here: