NEVER AGAIN Are In The ‘Void In Black’

Never Again were formed in 2013 from the imagination of two restless minds with the idea of creating a new metal music universe where the darkest dreams and fantasies come to live. A world full of stories accompanied by wild guitar riffs, strong bass lines, dramatic vocals and catchy melodies , and everything wrapped up in a visual show designed to impact the viewer and make him feel part of that world. The need of new blood and something fresh it’s undeniable, and Never Again are here for that same reason – to give a new dimension to the world of metal.

Guitarist Fenrir Wolfgang Kramer formed some metal band with other friends when he was living in Torrevieja from 1999 until 2005, but no one of those project were successful, but thanks to that he was taking experience on live shows and meeting other good musicians, then he met Lilith Von Krone and move to Asturias.

Lilith loved some specific genres of metal, so Fenrir encouraged her to learn to play the bass, during her years of practice they were looking for other band members while both created a YouTube channel were they played covers and Lilith started to sing too, but there was no luck for a main project.

Then in 2013, Fenrir and Lilith had a visionary idea, they already had gathered a lot of experience and knowledge, they monsterize theirselves and launched ‘The Monster Single’ on 2014 taking enough attention and creating an small fan base, Never Again were born. Other singles came out over time, ‘Failed Ritual,’ ‘Press Scar To Play’ and ‘Blessed By The Moon.’

Four years later, in 2018, they started to work on their first full album, with a great idea in mind, they took all the previous songs, reworked and merged them with new material they wrote, and that’s how ‘Void In Black’ came to life on 31th October of 2019 labeled by Rock CD Records, and album that no listener should miss, a symphonic metal album that marks a before and after in the history of the band.

Band Line-Up:

Lilith Von Krone – vocals/backvocals/bass
Fenrir Wolfgang Kramer – guitars/backvocals/drums/keyboards

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