New Single From Post-Hardcore Band THE WEEKEND TRANSIT Provides Hope For Dark Times

The Weekend Transit

Post-hardcore quintet THE WEEKEND TRANSIT weave together ambient textures and heavy rock on their new single “Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe.” Inspired by the weight of anxiety and depression, the band wrote the song as way to help others deal with dark times.

“Each of us have been through our own trying times brought on by different circumstances,” says guitarist Michael Ringuet. “We still face them from time to time, but we confide in our loved ones to help us through them.

“Ultimately, ‘Quiet My Secrets Are Safe’ is a campaign to assure everyone who feels this is not alone. And you should never have to be or feel alone. You should never fear being seen for who you truly are and being seen in your most vulnerable state. The truth is, even when we may not see it sometimes, there is always someone that can help us through the hardest and darkest times. The most important part of all of this is that you have to let some one know that you need them. Have hope, even when you don’t know what you are hoping for.”

The video for “Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe” symbolizes a constant affliction of emotional and mental distress. Teetering on the line of just how easy it can be to lose control, the desolate, dark shots create an introspective environment for the song to live.

“Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe” comes via THE WEEKEND TRANSIT‘s new EP Dust and Color out October 31st. Stream the single now on Spotify.