Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was interviewed by RockRevolt Magazine, was asked what he thinks the biggest misconception is about him on the part of the people who don’t really know him. “That I’m hard to work with, that would be the biggest misconception,” he replied.

“I’m only hard to work with if you don’t really want to be great.

“If you’re not coming in with your ‘A’ game, then I’m f*cking impossible to work with. If you’re giving a half-assed effort, then you don’t want to work with me.

Bobby Jarzombek, my drummer on my records, he loves working with me. John 5 [ROB ZOMBIE and ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist] loves working with me. Duff McKagan [ex-GUNS N’ ROSES bassist], Steve Stevens [BILLY IDOL guitarist], they love working with me.

“I’m not hard to work with. I just won’t settle for something that isn’t as good as it can be.

“You know, nothing good comes easy.

“When I read interviews with [members of] my old band [SKID ROW] and they say, ‘We get along great with our new singer. We have barbeques and drink tequila together.’ You know what? I don’t give a f*ck about barbeques.

“You don’t hear  Mick Jagger saying that he loves working with Keith Richards and that they have barbeques together. You hear Mick saying that he hates working with Richards!

“Newsflash: Rachel Bolan [SKID ROW bassist] doesn’t like me for what we’ve been talking about, but I would work with him anytime, because the result of that dynamic is really good music.

“I don’t think you have to be best friends with everybody to work with them.”

Bach in July 2012 posted a letter on his Facebook page in which he said he was willing to reunite with SKID ROW. “For the fans, I would be willing to put my ego aside and do something that would be special for the people who put us where we are today,” he wrote. “I do not personally want it myself. But it’s not always about ‘what I want.’ If the fans really want to see us together, I would do it for the fans. Sometimes you can do things for people other than yourself.”

Bach said he wanted to write the letter in response to current SKID ROW singer Johnny Solinger‘s interview in which Johnny said a tweet by Bach about a possible SKID ROW reunion was an attempt to “get attention.”

Speaking to SCTimes.comBolan stated about Sebastian‘s departure from SKID ROW, “We thought we were disbanded and that we’d never do it again. Then we kept getting e-mails and the management office was getting lots of letters about people wanting to see SKID ROW on stage and we really started to miss it. We knew if we got back together, we were going to do things different.”

He added, “When Johnny joined the band [in 1999], that really gave us a kick in the a—s. It was a different guy there and everything that came out of that guy was positive.”

On the topic of the persistent rumors of a reunion with SebastianBolan said, “Actually, there were never any talks. Ever. That was all just total rumor. We got rid of him in the ’90s and never looked back. . . After the first tour [with Solinger on vocals], it seemed like this is the way it’s always been. It’s so weird, I’ll hear an old song on the radio and it just sounds so bizarre to me because I’m so used to Johnny singing it.”

Source: Blabbermouth