Next Two KING DIAMOND Studio Albums Will Be A Continuous Story

King Diamond

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy LaRocque. Larocque spoke about the new Live DVD CD/ Songs For The Dead Live, gave an update on the status of the new KING DIAMOND studio albums and spoke about their upcoming shows.

When asked about an update on the new KING DIAMOND studio album, Andy responded:

“Right now, I’m actually composing some songs for KING DIAMOND for the next album. It’s probably going to be two separate albums, not released with the same package. The next album will be a continuation of the first one, part one then part two.”

When asked about the theme being about a mental institution in 1920, he replied:

“Yes that’s correct yeah, to be honest I don’t really know too much about the story with exception to the the very few lines King told me so far. That would be something to talk to King about definitely you know next time you talk to him. I know it’s going to be a complete new story and it’s going to be about life and death and everything in between.”

Speaking about the musical direction of the new studio albums:

“I would say so far you know from what I’ve been doing I would say it’s getting back more towards the classical style of KING DIAMOND more towards Abigail and the first couple of albums, the fans won’t be disappointed.”

When asked about the release date of the new studio albums, guitarist responded:

“It’s impossible to say but I know that King has pretty much the full story in his head already and then he has to write down all the specific lyrics and the details. So it’s impossible to say but we’re doing the best we can to finish. So far I have three songs and I’m aiming for five songs and I think King is working on around five songs.”

He also spoke about the making of new live album Songs for the Dead Live:

“It took some time for everything to be finished and we had some technical issues that’s why it took so long. Also there are so many video angles and it takes so long to look through all the video material and shots, then there is the audio mix, it’s insane. Putting everything together just took a very long time it’s two concerts, one from the Fillmore show in Philadelphia USA and also one outdoor show from Europe in Belgium at the Graspop festival.

“We started recording during the US tour back in 2015, we recorded the Philly show and also the Detroit show to have a backup. We also recorded our own stuff with GoPro cameras throughout to get all the details like a camera in the coffin, a camera on the guitar, a camera behind the drummer, all the details captured. Then combining everything took a very long time.”

You can listen to an entire interview below.