NICK MASON On ROGER WATERS’ Re-Recording Of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’: It’s ‘Absolutely Brilliant’

Nick Mason Roger Waters

Nick Mason, the drummer for PINK FLOYD, disclosed that he has listened to a portion of Roger Waters‘ contentious reworked version of The Dark Side Of The Moon, and he states it’s “absolutely brilliant”!

Roger Waters previously revealed that the concept of a remake of PINK FLOYD‘s greatest achievement came to him after he had finished the The Lockdown Sessions EP, which included renditions of five PINK FLOYD songs such as “Comfortably Numb.”

Mason recently participated in a playback session at London’s Dolby Atmos Immersive Studio, which took place in honor of the 50th anniversary edition of The Dark Side Of The Moon. According to NME’s report, during a Q&A segment, Mason was questioned about Waters‘ new recording of the album.

“I heard the rumour that Roger was working on his own version of it,” Mason said. “There was this suggestion that this was going to be a spoiler and Roger was going to go head-to-head with the original version and so on.

“He actually sent me a copy of what he was working on and I write to him and said, ‘Annoyingly, it’s absolutely brilliant!’ It was and is. It’s not anything that would be a spoiler for the original at all, it’s an interesting add-on to the thing.”