NICOLAS CAGE’s Son WES CAGE Set To Drop New Solo Single ‘The Wolf’

Wes Cage

Wes Cage, son of Nicolas Cage, has sealed a contract with Pavement Entertainment, setting the stage for his single, “The Wolf.” This standalone hit, a creative collaboration with Keith Wallen from BREAKING BENJAMIN, serves as a precursor to Cage‘s fresh musical offerings.

“The Wolf” is set to make its debut on October 27, 2023, and is open for pre-saving on all digital music streaming platforms.

“The music we’re doing is part of my essence and always needed to be released,” Cage said. “Lyrically, ‘The Wolf’ touches on the dichotomy between the higher and lower selves. One represents strength, intelligence, organization, responsibility; the other, destitution, failure, depression, sadness.”

Cage deals in myth, mysticism, and madness, conjuring deep connections with the unseen through the timeless power of primal sounds. Visually, the video for “The Wolf” epitomizes Cage‘s exploration of darkness, as seen in the trailer below.

By his own admission, battles with addiction once saw him digging his own grave. An advocate for recovery who went to the depths of despair and emerged that much stronger, Cage‘s music speaks with a wisdom beyond his years, shaped by hardened experience.

Now a dedicated family man in his early 30s, Cage embarks on a courageous new chapter, creating ambitious hard rock no less lacking in authenticity or edge but designed to connect on a bigger scale. His music is equal parts reflective and inventive, with hooks that resonate with diverse crowds.