Night Cobra – Dawn of the Serpent Review

Ah, the NWOBHM. It’s impossible not to mention the importance and relevance of it to Metal music. Moreover, the opnions about it are divided into two; the ones who think it’s the most important wave of Heavy Metal, and the others thinks it’s the wave that defined and shaped Metal music. Every time I review a NWOBHM album I have the same emotion I had when I ran into a Metal record for the first time. This Night Cobra “Dawn of the Serpent” brings back many memories and feelings. The kind of album that comes with a time machine feature included. From head to toe the album is a time travel to a melodic and full of energy dimension out of this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet.

From the very beginning the fan feels the heat with “Run the Blade” which features all the band’s weapons that are the sharp guitars and the melodic vocals. The track is full of energy with lots of guitar interventions, a thing that I said before that I love. Night Cobra are a band that doesn’t save energy and emotion. In some terms it reminds me a little the great and mighty Tokyo Blade. The same guitar power interwoven with melodic vocals. “For Those Who Walk the Night” reminds me so much Damien Thorne – hey, my dear fan a band to look for – that gave me goosebumps. The guitars are so intense. From modern NWOBHM bands I had the remembrance of Angel Sword one of tyhe first bands I reviewed here. This kind of combiantion is a killer one and shows all the blood and guts Night Cobra deliver. Have I forgotten about the twin guitars of “Lost in Time”? How could I. They are just perfect even when they sound a bit out of key. By the way, they sound much better when they are a bit out of key. I guess the warmest honor I can make to the band is to say that they are the real deal. That they sound as if they were from the 1980s. Exactly what I feel when I listen to a song as “The Neuromancer’s Curse” not only because of the vocals but all the mood and tones the band used. I feel like I’m with a 1980s band in my system. Nothing else.

If you’re into an energetic and emotive album “Dawn of the Serpent” is for you. If you’re in the mood for some real deal NWOBHM “Dawn of the Serpent” is for you as well. I know there are still many fans around.

Night Cobra “Dawn of the Serpent” will be released on February 25th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Run the Blade
  2. The Serpent’s Kiss
  3. Lost in Time
  4. Black Venom Dreams
  5. The Neuromancer’s Curse
  6. For Those Who Walk the Night
  7. In Mortal Danger
  8. Acid Rain
  9. Electric Rite

Watch “The Serpent’s Kiss” official video here: