Night Demon – Darkness Remains

Ah, sometimes I wonder how lucky I am for joining this team! How great it is to know that the sound I used to listen when I was a teen is still alive and well! What a pleasure is to notice that the old and almost forgotten arts of loud guitars, pounding drums, striking basses and velvet vocals are still doing well! The responsible for that is Night Demon’s “Darkness Remains”. Sometimes it is hard for us to put into words the music we hear, but Night Demon is something like returning home after a long travel. It’s like a cold rain after a hot day. To hear a vocalist who we can actually understand what he sings is something unspeakable. Sharp and galloping guitars suddenly invading my computer are really the view I have of heaven or whatever. NWOBHM masters really did a great job. Their echoes can still be heard and “Darkness Remains” is a loud and clear one.

There are two bands that I immediatly recognise their influences: Angel Witch and Chariot. But I dare to say that I liked Night Demon best and freshier. But how come freshier to a band that does the music of a long gone decade? Man, the anwer is blowing in the wind! Start the album listening to “Flight Of The Manticore” and, perhaps, you’ll know what I mean. Besides everything Night Demon bring back the tradition of instrumental songs. And hurrahs to the tittle track “Darkness Remains” which dares to be different! Strong and tastefull! Music done with heart, nothing else. Just as good old and beloved heavy metal must be. “Welcome To The Night” welcomes to what is to come with its typical NWOBHM drumming, fast and swinged as it can be. And the band played on for our sake! Long live Night Demon!

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome To The Night
  2. Hallowed Ground
  3. Maiden Hell
  4. Stranger In The Room
  5. Life On The Run
  6. Dawn Rider
  7. Black Widow
  8. On Your Own
  9. Flight Of The Manticore
  10. Darkness Remains

You can watch the song “Welcome To The Night” here:

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