Night Wilds – All That Should Have Been Review

First, “All That Should Have Been” is a great album tittle both for poetical and philosophical reasons. If one gives a hard thought there are so many things that should have been, or, should not have been. Both are valid answers. I could imagine a lot of things. Not a lot really. Bazillion things.

Second, “All That Should Have Been” is the album I’ve heard in a while that sounds and is lyrically more near the great Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Maybe it’s not the same inspiration or lyrical theme, but the sound gets near, very near. Its concept from the beginning with a speech called “The Curtain,” with its burlesque mood and a narrator whose voice and way of speaking address to the late and great AC/DC’s Bon Scott, sounds a lot as the speeches that can be found in the aforementioned album.

Third, musicwise, the album can be labeled as Prog Rock due to the many sound nuances it delivers. The most pushy could say it’s Prog Metal. They wouldn’t be wrong. But they also wouldn’t right. It’s for sure an album with many musical nuances. There are tracks as “Where Do We Go From Here” – there are two parts of it – whose bluesy mood goes into a delicious ballad. That would be natural as the album is comprised of 17 tracks which follow a main theme lead. As the press release says the album is about the “story of a boy trapped in a cruel circus desperately performing for a madman ringleader.” Intro “The Curtain” tells us a little about it. It’s important to realise it flerts with the burlusque, not the insane as many Metal bands are doing these days. Some songs, though, as “A Long Way From Graceland” flirt with the 1980’s sonancy. Here vocals go near Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen’s “The River” or “I’m on Fire” era. It sure is an album with many nuances.

Fourth, and last, but not least, I did it wrong again as I thought a band with the name Night Wilds would be a Hard Rock band. Flat wrong. Well, no one can be right all the time.

A great album for Metal fans who love Prog Rock concept albums with lots of ballads and slow paced songs. In a way, the songs’ tittles can be considered chapters of the story Night Wilds are telling.

Night Wilds “All That Should Have Been” was released on April 1st via Gravel Road Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Curtain
  2. The Show
  3. Mother
  4. Fear
  5. New Jerusalem
  6. Confusion
  7. Control
  8. Heartland
  9. Where Do we Go from Here
  10. City of Strangers
  11. A Long Way from Graceland
  12. Joni
  13. No Way Home
  14. Tired
  15. Just a Moment More
  16. Lost Night
  17. Where Do we Go from Here

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