Nightbearer – Tales of Sorcery and Death

Ah, the b*stial beauty of straight ahead raw Extreme Metal! The devilish musical chaos brought to Earth by the hordes of the most destructive and sickest music ever! That’s the Extreme Metal I really appreciate and respect. Nightbearer with “Tales of Sorcery and Death” keep alive the flame of hell-on-earth and thrist for blood music with all the musical contradictions I keep talking. The effect of the raging and growling voice with the melodic, but destructive guitar, is amazing to the ears of whom grew up listening to this kind of Metal. Well, not exactly grew up listening because when I was a teen my kind of Metal was the NWOBHM, but the memories I have from a friend who loved the first Extreme Metal bands is exactly what Nightbearer and “Tales of Sorcery and Death” are offering us.

“Tales of Sorcery and Death” begins with a muss and fuss of guitar effects and drumming and everything else Nightbearer could think of to represent the musical chaos. “Beware the Necromancer” sounds exactly what it seems; a warning to the unadvised that Extreme Metal rules. To break the ice, and the constant pounding in the fans’ heads, there comes “The Gods May Weep” whose slow and pungent cadence shows that Extreme Metal really doesn’t need high speed in order to raise some hell. “The Gods May Weep” is strong and murky exactly what Slayer meant when they released “Evil Has No Boundaries.” Evil spirits of music are present everywhere and there is no need to summon them. The carnage goes on and on throughout “Tales of Sorcery and Death” with five more stormbringer tracks that dazzles and stuns the fan for good. Exception made by “The Watcher between the World” whose killer cadence and guitar squeaks captivate the fan without missing any pound of heavyness.. Nightbearer ask no permission.

The melt Nightbearer do with raw and simple instrumentals colide with the talented guitar interventions which breaks a little all the pounding and hammering. Vocals are also really able to give those growls that sparks the attention and give music the needed attention. “Tales of Sorcery and Death” is the perfect album for fans that are thirsty for Old School Extreme Metal music. That music that asks no permissions and is here to show all the power of evil – at least in music.

Nightbearer “Tales of Sorcery and Death” will be released on December 13th via Testimony Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Beware The Necromancer
  2. As Cold As Their Eyes
  3. Lycantrophic Death Squad
  4. Tales of Sorcery and Death
  5. The Gods May Weep
  6. All Men Must Die
  7. Daggers in the Night
  8. The Watcher between the World
  9. Vile Flame of Udun
  10. The Dead Won’t Sleep Forever

Watch “Beware the Necromancer” official music video here: