Nightmare – Encrypted Review

It’s always great to receive the new releases of veteran bands which made the history of Metal music so rich and interesting. The guys of Nightmare are veterans of the Metallic Wars being here since 1979. It’s such a long time if one considers how many bands have been able to pass the test of the years. Besides veteran bands are always tempted to update their music. Updating their music is always a challenge because or the bnd sucesses or the band fails. There is nothing in the middle. Well, “Encrypted” proves Nightmare were wise in updating their music to Symphonic Metal with slants of Power Metal plus female vocals.Fortunateky, we had the pleasure of reviewing the band’s 2020’s album “Aeternam,” which featured all the aforementioned changes. “Encrypted” follows the same path.

As a little bit of information about the band is always great here’s a piece. Founded in 1979, Nightmare have become an integral part of the European metal scene over three decades and have been prolific with their album releases, while updating and evolving their sound.

They got rave reviews from their first concert supporting Def Leppard in March 1983, and their debut album “Waiting for the Twilight” was released the following year (1984), followed closely by “Power of the Universe” in 1985.

After a long hiatus, the band returned in force on the stage, bringing a much harsher sound. The EP “Astral Deliverance” was released in 1999 with former drummer Jo Amore taking on his new role as lead singer of the band, the drums being entrusted to his brother David. Over the next years, Nightmare worked incredibly hard and prolifically continued to release albums. They performed at some of the biggest metal festivals like Wacken, Hellfest, 70000 Tons of Metal, Gods of Metal and opened for acts such as Sabaton, Saxon, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian to name a few.

Ok, then, nowadays vocal duties are relied on vocalist Barbara Mogore who brightens the album with her voice.

“Encrypted” commences with “Nexus Inferis,” a track that starts a little cadenced but, then, shifts to a Power Metal powerhouse with short and sharp guitar riffs. The track bounces some more melodic moments  with fierce instrumentals.  To some extent, there is some Evanescence in the track especially when it comes to the more melodic moments. Following track “The Blossom of My Hate” commences harder on the guitars. After a short melodic bridge, the song gets harder again with the harsh vocals of bassist Yves Campion who shares vocals with Barbara Mogore. Here and there, always with the guitar leads, it’s possible to listen some touches of the old art as the guitar duo Franck Milleliri and Matt Asselberghs use lots of the old guitar techniques. This vocal sharing would happen again in other tracks showing the band’s ability of shifting moods. Speed is also one thing that sometimes is speed up as it happens with “Saviours of the Damned.”

“Encrypted” showcases perfectly what Nightmare are now, that is, a band that combines Power Metal with Symphonic Metal with all the pros and cons.

Nightmare “Encrypted” was released on June 07th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Nexus Inferis
  2. The Blossom of My Hate
  3. Voices from the Other Side
  4. Saviours of the Damned
  5. Wake the Night
  6. Encrypted
  7. Incandescent
  8. White Lines
  9. Borderlines
  10. Eternal Winter (2023 Version)

Watch “Saviours of the Damned” official music video here: