NIGHTWISH’s MARCO HIETELA Announce ‘Mustan Sydämen Rovio’ Solo Album

Marco Hietala

NIGHTWISH bassist/vocalist Marco Hietela will release a new solo album, “Mustan Sydämen Rovio”, on May 24 via Savonian Rooster.

In a new interview with Kaaos TV, he was asked when he started to think about releasing a solo album, to which he responded: “It’s a lot of stuff, lyrical, musical stuff and some of them started somewhere like 10, 15 years back, little tidbits of ideas that I hadn’t used.

“I had been waiting and it’s really a load of years. Some are from the couple of years behind some ideas when we started working on this album with the guys. Like I said, even back 15 years some ideas that developed into songs or got parts in songs. It’s all kinds of stuff. Of course, I’ve been writing a lot for TAROT and quite a few pieces of music and some lyrical stuff with NIGHTWISH, too, but these things were kind of more personal. Like I said, this album — people think of heavy metal immediately when they see me, but I figured the right term for this album would be ‘hard prog.’

“There’s some very metallic elements, but there’s also a lot of acoustic and atmospheric stuff that I’ve been writing a lot of. It’s a wide variety of items, musically.”

“Mustan Sydämen Rovio” track listing:

  1. Kiviä (05:14)
  2. Isäni Ääni (04:37)
  3. Tähti, Hiekka Ja Varjo (05:01)
  4. Kuolleiden Jumalten Poika (04:42)
  5. Laulu Sinulle (07:09)
  6. Minä Olen Tie (05:05)
  7. Juoksen Rautateitä (03:50)
  8. Vapauden Kuolinmarssi (05:02)
  9. Unelmoin Öisin (05:38)
  10. Totuus Vapauttaa (05:43)