Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – Madness Incarnate

NB-ID-album_cover-300DPI-JPEG  You know you’re delving into some serious black metal s**t when it’s hard to read the logo, and then when you can make out letters but still have no hope in hell of reading it correctly, you’ve stepped in even more serious s**t. The term “nihilistinen barbaarisuus” itself is Finnish for “nihilistic barbarity” so even if you were able to read it I doubt you knew what it f**king said unless you were from Finland. But you can definitely tell that Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus is a black metal band from the logo, as we talked about, and a lot of times for me when an underground band tries to have a cover art that stands out when the music sounds like s**t. Luckily, “Madness Incarnate” is no such trap. What ensues after you decide to investigate this little piece is a 5-track of ambient black metal that is of quality that I was not expecting in any way. I was honestly waiting for half-ass’d mixing and terrible sound, but instead what I got was a fairly solid record that really captured the raw intensity of the genre with a sound that had pretty high quality to it in comparison to others. I expect no less from a band that’s been around for a few albums, though. Each and every track had a very interesting feel to it whether it be the awesome riffs that pull you, the ice cold vocals that grab your attention, or the sheer intensity of everything that keeps you glued to your seat you cannot deny that Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus have truly done something with “Madness Incarnate” that can and will turn the heads of the people who are fortunate enough to come across this record. Much to my surprise, everything really came together extremely nicely with “Madness Incarnate” to where I played the album over a few times because I wanted to enjoy it some more, and with a total of 19 minutes contained in the album with the aforementioned five tracks between them you get some very solid track that waste no time and are just of real high quality. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus defied my odds, which is a very welcome surprise, and I can almost guarantee than any black metal fan (who isn’t a scumbag elitist) can find something to enjoy out of “Madness Incarnate” because it has simply got so much great stuff the genre offers rolled in one nice, unholy 19 minutes that you’ll enjoy plenty.

“Madness Incarnate” releases on May 16th!

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Track Listing:

  1. Traversing the Frozen North
  2. Madness Incarnate
  3. Virgin Essence
  4. Immaculate Deconception
  5. Comte-Sponville