Nine O Nine – The Time Is Now

If you listen only to the first track of this Nine O Nine “The Time Is Now,” you may think it is one more modern metal band. But you have to give it a try and listen to the entire album. Don’t give up. “The Time Is Now” is a noteworthy experience. The first band I can compare with that comes to mind is Queensrÿche. Though I don’t really think this can be used for all the album. “The Time Is Now” is very diverse, and I don’t think this description fits to all songs. There’s some A-Ha here, some 1980s gothic there. Pretty diverse really, huh? To title track I guess it does.

“Beauty Femme’s” voice in the chorus reminds a lot U2’s Bono Vox. Instrumentals just a little, though they are bit heavier. “Never Let Me Down Again” seems like those 1980ish gothic songs I’ve mentined before. Nine O Nine are really a band of many plot twists of styles. Though, in my opinion, it’s the most impressive thing about them. “Big Event,” as the name tells, is the big event for hardcore Metal fans with their long and technical guitar solos.

I could tell Nine O Nine are a melodic metal band. But they’re not. They’re an edgy band which flirts with some sweet themes. On the other hand, there are lots of tension in some songs. By tension, I mean, they are heavier. As I told before, Nine O Nine are a band to taste calmly with no hurry. Therefore, Nine O Nine are a band not to expect a big heavy sound. Listen to it as you listen to Queensrÿche or a heavier U2. If you do so, guarantee of no disappointment.

BTW, what a great cover art!

Nine O Nine “The Time Is Now” was released via Raising Legends.

Track Listing:

  1. The Time Is Now
  2. The Way Back Home
  3. Beauty Femme
  4. Never Let Me Down Again
  5. Aquilam
  6. King
  7. The Rush
  8. Big Event
  9. Sofia

Watch “The Rush” official video here: