NITA STRAUSS On Being A Woman Paying Metal: ‘I’d Be Lying If I Said It Was All Roses And Perfect, But, By And Large, The Metal Community Is So Incredibly Supportive.’

Our guitar muse, Nita Strauss, talked to Audio Ink on career so far. Read it here:

“Me personally, I’ve had really great experiences. I’d be lying if I said it was all roses and perfect, but, by and large, the metal community is so incredibly supportive.

“And I would say that the main thing that I faced as a female in this industry was being underestimated. But being underestimated isn’t always a bad thing. It’s nice to get out there and blow people’s minds when they think you’re not gonna be any good.

“So it’s been a good experience and really fun overall. And I wouldn’t say that I have any super-negative stories about guys in the industry. I think that, by and large, men in this industry wanna see women succeed.

“I think as long as you’re going out and treating everything with respect – you’re not going in there acting like a helpless girl – as long as you don’t go in there demanding special treatment, I think you won’t receive any special treatment.

“I think you’ll just be treated the same as anyone else that’s there to do a job. Go in, do a great job, be super-professional. Don’t go in asking for special treatment or expecting special treatment because of your gender, and just work hard – treat people with respect and leave no doubt with whatever it is you wanna do.

“Whether you wanna be on the management side or the musicians’ side or selling merch, or whatever it is that you wanna do in our industry, just go in with the attitude of treating it like a great job that you really wanna have. And I think that that’s a recipe for success.”

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